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Tao the Teachings of Gaius and Titius

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The Tao
There was a difference between Gaius and Titius and the Conditioners.   Gaius and Titius believed that our statements were based on what we were feeling at the time and not based on fact.   If a person said an object was beautiful, they felt that he was not expressing how he actually felt about the object, but rather the individual was expressing what he was feeling at that moment.   Gaius and Titius’s teachings were designed to condition the thinking of individuals.   On the other hand, the Conditioners are those that seek to completely mold and reshape individuals so that their way of life falls in line with that of the Conditioners.   The Conditioners assume a God-like role over humans and the want to tell us how to behave and how to think.   They want to conquer human nature and shape it to fit their own standards.
The teachings of Gaius and Titius can be confusing because they say that when we are saying something that we feel is important, we are actually stating how we feel.   This reduces everything to our feelings and therefore, nothing is of importance.   They are training us to ignore our human nature and rely on feelings and emotions only.   This does not serve a good purpose because what it teaches us to become non-thinking humans.   It pushes aside our logical thinking and tells us to base everything on our feelings.   As humans, we cannot rely on our feelings to lead us through life.   It will not work because our feelings and what is real are two totally separate issues.   It is possible to be in a situation where a person knows that he needs to go to work because if he misses one more day, he will lose his job.   He may not feel like going to work, but in not going and following his feelings he will be jobless.   Gaius and Titius do not teach humans how to think logically.
The Conditioners seem to be on a path to build a master race.   This is similar to what Hitler tried to do during the Holocaust.   This is not to compare the Conditioners with...


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