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Was It Me

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I believe that students in school should participate in organized school sports, athletics is an important part of educational experience, and students should be free to decide whether or not they want to participate in school sports.
Can you remember when you were in school having gym or being on any sport team, I can it was fun it also kept me out of trouble. It made me feel like I was a part of something good, I felt strong when participation was done. I wanted to just stay involved in sports all the time. It gave me that feeling.
I know that some schools are taking out the athletics part of education, and I feel that this is not right. I think that every boy, and girl should have gym in school to help them socialize with other people it would give them social skills, and it would but there body in good health as well I can also believe that some of the boys, and girls need some where to go after school and I can see where this would help.
Students should have the right to participate in school sports ether they want to get in trouble by running with the wrong crowd or they are trying to find something to do after school. Some boys and girls like and enjoy having fun with others playing basketball or swimming, and for boys football it can give them some direction in what they should do about keeping their body in shape.
Schools should make it mandatory for students to have gym in school like a class, and give them the option of joining or getting on a team if their grades are right. It would keep down some of the crime that be going on with teens, and it will break down teen on teen fights with each other. It will also give them will power to want to keep their body in shape.


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