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P-Plate Persuasive Letter

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Dear Ms Nolan

Death. Carnage. Mortality. Three words regularly used to describe the status of young drivers lives. Three words used one too many times if you ask the entire Australian population including me. These three words need to and can be eliminated from our vocabulary if new laws are put into place. Does that sound very hard to you? No. Not as hard as what families and friends have to go through everyday without their loved one because of a tragedy ending in the words - Death, carnage, mortality. Action needs to be taken today in order to save lives tomorrow.

A P-plater dies every six days in NSW alone with seventeen of them crashing today coming dangerously close to death. These crashes are often fatal causing 66% of deaths amongst 17-20 year olds. Decades to soon if you ask me, their family, their friends and the community. Wouldn’t you agree? Premature death amongst young drivers can be prevented with various alterations to the law in regards to acquiring a license. Such would include compulsory professional driving instructor lessons, compulsory defensive driving courses, several hours of theory, extensive education at high schools as well as making the actual driving test stricter with a theory test rather then just a practical assessment. These strategies have been proven to reduce deaths amongst young drivers in various other countries so why aren’t we following the trend, why aren’t we demanding these requirements to save young lives?

This is what I don’t understand, our children are our future and we are letting them risk their lives everyday when they start up their engines without enough maturity, knowledge and experience. It’s appalling. The statistics surely prove this statement so what is right about this? How can it be justified?   The sad truth is, there is no justification. How can the politicians of this proud country sit back and do nothing when it’s clearly killing too many lives. Lives cut too short. Lives with futures, dreams...


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