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KANUPP - IAEA Training
Boiler Feedwater / Condensate Chemistry Control

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Boiler Feedwater / Condensate Course Objectives
• • State the purpose of secondary side chemistry control. State what chemicals are added to the secondary side, the purpose of each chemical, and where each chemical is added. State the chemical parameters monitored in the secondary side by plant instrumentation, their sampling points, approximate values and what alarms/indications are available in the MCR. Appreciate the need for good communication between the CRO and Chemical Maintainer with respect to alarms received in the MCR, i.e., out of spec parameters, low tank levels, power changes, bypassing of flow through the condensate polishers, etc.

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Course Objectives
• State the consequences of out of spec parameters on Secondary Side plant systems and components. Recognize condenser sea water leak indications; state the concerns and general procedure to follow in the event of a condenser sea water leak State what indications are in place to give indication of a Steam Generator Tube leak. State the main concerns associated with a Steam Generator Tube leak.

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Make-up Water

Secondary Heat Transport System

FeedWater Condensate Boilers Steam Systems

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Condensate - Feedwater - Boiler System Chemistry Control

Chemistry Objectives
• Minimize Corrosion in order to preserve system integrity and ensure the long term availability of equipment. Minimize Local Corrosion of Boiler materials which can occur in regions of restricted flow, particularly under deposits and within crevices. Minimize transport of corrosion products into the Boilers (condensate - feedwater corrosion). Minimize erosion in steam - turbine - feedwater - condensate.

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Condensate - Feedwater - Boiler System Chemistry Control
Corrosion Concerns

Can produce alkaline conditions...


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