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Trends in American Polupar Culture

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Trends Paper

University of Phoenix
First part of the assignment will introduce the categories associated with popular trends. This paper will observe and discuss why each popular trend that corresponds for each category is accepted in present-day society.
    • Personal
    • Social
    • Political
    • Religious
      The definition of popular trend is a general direction in which tends to move or persuade society a certain way. Trend also tends changes within time. Popular trends and fads exist across the world, but vary from country to country. We will discuss the popular trends that are associated in today’s society.
Popular American personal trends that exist in society today are consumers desire for the need of personal possessions such as the I-phone, purses, colognes, designer cloths, shoes, electronics, etc. Once a consumer sees a certain type of product whether, it was advertised on television or the influence of another person, the consumer will try to obtain that personal possession just to acquire the feeling of being ‘in’ or in touch with today’s growing trend. The younger generations plays a major role in today’s society and are also the majority affected by this growing popular trend in today’s society. This growing American popular trend is very surreal in today’s society, especially with electronics such as I-phones. Cell phones also relate to popular social American culture.

Popular social culture in American society plays a big role in present-day trends. A majority of American citizens these days seem associate with the Internet by using social websites such as facebook, adultfriendfinder, myspace,   perfectmatch. This trend is a very convenient way to stay in touch with friends. Facebook allows he or she to create your a profile in which he or she can customize in any desired way. Facebook allows one to keep in contact, meet new friends, and help get in touch with...


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