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Middle Eastern Issues

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Middle eastern issues.
Many people that were once for the war over sea’s but now many are starting to lean much more toward peace but I wish to point out is that if our armed forces were to back out now we would undoubtedly be attacked even more because to see an attacking army retreat would embolden them so to back out would only make it harder for peace to be achieved. I propose that we should just hold our positions in these countries and try to lessen the gap between Muslim, Christian and Jewish to do so point out to the extremists that in most holy texts they state that you must love or understand your fellow man so for us to get rid of the threat to all different religions more missionaries need to be sent out an understanding must be made, if humans can’t learn   to get along with each other then our resources will be wasted on petty squabbling and should a world wide threat appear we will be grossly unprepared all because people want to argue over where we go when we die. I feel the need to say that almost all religions say that to be good you must be peaceful, loving, and understanding so why do we fight? I do not know the answer to this for wouldn’t the ones who kill those of the opposing religion are only damning themselves. The terrorist’s kill and claim that they are holier then we are we must show them they are going against their own religion maybe if they see this they will reconcile the difference’s of other religions.

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