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The Pursuit of Happiness

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The Pursuit of Happiness

Stress is a haunting word which is always the main issue faced by students nowadays. Their hectic, hustle and bustle of life add to their problems. Students have their own ways of coping and relieving it, some believe that, entertainment and sports will do the magic to vanish the darkness of stress surrounding them. However, the result of a survey conducted among CFS IIUM students showed that sleeping is the most popular way for them to endure their life stress-free.

Why Choose Sleeping?
We believe that students normally resort to sleeping because they do not have enough sleep as their daily life is packed with studies, societies and other responsibilities. Due to inadequate time, most of the time, students will burn up their midnight oil to cover up for their unfinished tasks. Consequently, their brains become tired and their body tends to feel weak. So, to recover their fatigue, they prefer to just go to sleep. But does it really reduce stress or is it just a habit?

Solat- An alternative method
We can try every method that exist in this short term of life to erase all our problems and stress, but in the end the calmness we will feel is temporary and will not last forever. Fortunately, there is another approach introduced by Islam which is Solat, a prayer done 5 times a day. Solat has specified position and movement of the body. It is a period of calmness and peace where the body and mind are directed to the creator which is none other than Allah S.W.T. Scientific research proved that Solat can block the exit of hormones which can cause stress such as, Eortisol, Epinephrine, thus, preventing stress from occurring. Also, it is good for health as it improves our heartbeat, regulate breathing and improve blood flow.   Hence, all the benefits are gained in just a simple way.
In a nutshell, there is no doubt that the Islamic way   which is by performing solat is the best way and guaranteed. As stated in the Holy Quran, “Verily,...


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