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What's Wrong with Society.

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I finally know what life is about.
You have to appreciate what you have in life, because it's going to be gone before you know it. Babies are lost everyday due to extreme pre-maturity. Look at what these parents have to go through. We can't even appreciate what we have in life already. How pathetic.
For one, we have a bunch of idiots for our government officials who don't understand the meaning of human rights.
Two, we have anti-gay assholes who come to our annual Pride Parade, and crash it completely.
If you straight people had a "Straight Pride Parade", homosexuals wouldn't crash it. You know why? Because we are kind people. Who understand human rights as much as straight people do. And I'm not trying to start crap about straight people, because I appreciate them completely. But its just, I'm browsing through YouTube, and I find some dumbass talking shit about homosexuals. Or "fags" as they call us. And its most likely a straight man. (mostly men). And it pisses me off, because when did homosexuals ever criticize you?
Three. Last, but CERTAINLY not least.
Everyone needs to stop being non-accepting of eachother. We are all human beings. Gay men have a penis just like straight men do, and lesbians have a vagina just like straight women do. So who are you to criticize someone else' sexuality?
Just please, think about what you are saying, before you say it. Because it could hurt someones feelings completely.


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