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Bob Marley - Essay 2

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Bob Marley

Bob Marley became a third world superstar. He fought against oppression and injustice with his music. This has lead people to still believe in his message today. You can still see a poster of him almost everywhere you go. He has also influenced the sound of each reggae musician out there (from what I've heard.) Bob also left his musical legacy to his sons (especailly Ziggy and Stephen), who also continued to spread his message unto the present day.

He gave the world a lot or powerful and inspiring music. He was an important factor in making Jamaican music popular all over the world, and so he helped to widen horizons and cultural exchange. Without artists like him, who are able to transcend cultural and national boundaries, the world would be an even more depressing place. He gave many people hope. His music will live on.

In the sing, Marley says that while you talk about me, someone else is judging you. " God never made no difference between black, white, blue, pink or green. Marley's philosophy was that everyone has the right to freedom and that you should fight against the system to achieve freedom. " Bob Marley's views on race and racism are similar to the beliefs of some of the authors we've learned about in weeks 4-6 about race and ethnicity. " One of the most important messages Bob Marley sends through his music is that everyone is human and people shouldn't judge others by the color of their skin. " One of Marley's songs that talk about prejudice and discrimination is his first recorded single, "Judge Not. Some songs that Marley created that talk about race, racism and equality are "One Love", "War", "Buffalo Soldier", "Slave Driver", "Redemption Song" and "Judge Not. Bob Marley was a freedom fighter because that's exactly what he did, he fought against oppression in hopes to gain freedom for himself and his followers. Bob Marley is a symbol of freedom throughout the world, especially the Third World and underdeveloped countries. Marley...


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