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Positive Thinking

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Jai   Laddu   Gopalji   Ki,

I recite these words and I find my whole personality, thinking and body language gets a pleasant change.

Between Lord Rama and Lord Krishna I love Lord Krishna. Lord Rama is Adarsh Maryadapurushottam.You cannot take any liberty with him. I feel like touching his feet with utmost respect. But with Govinda you feel like playing, dancing, sitting on a swing, decorating him and hugging him like a friend (sakha   bhav se).I always keep in my mind the picture of baby   Kanuda dancing on the head of snake Kobra (Kalimardana). It is a great picture indeed to be always kept in mind. All the illnesses and calamities should be taken with that spirit. One has to learn to dance smilingly and confidently on the head of calamities.

I recall an old story. A man was able to see two sets of footprints one of God and one of him in the times of good fortunes but during calamities there was only one set of footprints. He became angry and shouted at God for being deserting him during bad times. But the God so great and kind replied that my son, during bad times I carried you actually on my shoulders, and that is why you are finding only one set of footprints ( I do not have the exact story in my collection. If you have kindly forward it ).

God has always been very kind and merciful. It is only we small, poor creatures who misread Him.

I think all these illnesses and for that matter, all the problems and calamities should be taken as a challenge and not as punishments, as a privilege and not as a penalty.

We always say we have been leading such a gentle, noble and pious life, then why does it always happen to me. I think there is no answer to it because question itself is totally wrong in its first place. It can happen to anybody. It has happened to almost all the Gods and so called noble persons. It is not important and totally immaterial why does it always happen to me. More important is how I come out of it.

Problems are like putting a cloth...


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