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Names of Allah Adn Their Benefits

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4. Al-Malik (The Sovereign)
If you recite this name of Allah abundantly every day after Zawaal (the time of mid-day immediately before Duhr prayer), Allah will give you abundant wealth. Insha-Allah.
11. Al-Mutakabbir (The Majestic)
If you recite this name of Allah constantly, Allah will grant you honor and greatness. If you read it continually before any task, it will be accomplished. Insha-Allah.

12. Al-Khaaliq (The Creator)
If you recite this name of Allah 100 times for 7 days, Allah will safeguard you against all adversities. If you form the habit of reciting it regularly, Allah will appoint an angel who will worship Allah continuously on your behalf. Insha-Allah.

15. Al-Ghaffaar (The Forgiver)
If you recite this name of Allah 100 times after Jumma Salaah (prayer), you will soon begin to perceive Allah's forgiveness. If you say   (Yaa-Ghaffaaru Ighfirli) daily after Asr Salaah (prayer), Allah will include you amongst those whom he has forgiven. Insha-Allah.

17. Al-Wahhaab (The Bestower)
If a poverty stricken person recites this name of Allah continuously or writes it and keeps it on him (as Taaweez) or recites this name of Allah 40 times in the last sajdah of Salaat-ud-Doha (Chast prayer), Allah will free him from poverty in an unexpected and amazing manner. Insha-Allah.

For particular need to be fulfilled, observe sajdah 3 times in the courtyard of the house or Masjid (Mosque) and then lift your hands (as in Du'a) and recite this name of Allah 100 times, Allah will fulfill your need. Insha-Allah.

18. Ar-Razzaaq (The Provider)
Before Fajr Salaah (prayer), if you blow in all four corners of your house beginning from the right-hand corner while facing Qiblah, after reciting this name of Allah 10 times in each corner, Allah will open the doors of rizq (sustenance) for you; sickness and poverty will never enter your home. Insha-Allah.

20. Al-'Aleem (The All-Knowing)
If you recite this name of Allah abundantly, Allah will open the gates...


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