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Education 23

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we are in 21st century but it is indeed a matter a great disappointment that we have not yet matched the required education standard. though the literacy rate is incresing but the pace is very low.despite this our education has become only a monotonous theme to be enjoyed and it is not employment oriented as such it ihas to be.We have to think over it and endeavoured should be done to make it better in terms of job giving .we have many literate unemployed. I am using literate instead of educated because of the degrading moral standards of the masses. Most of we are educated fool. i am sorry to say this phrase but this is the abjact reality. we have to accept it.last but not the least are the upcoming governmental policies regarding education .They are just a political stunt and nothing else. recently a dirty example of this type was the passing of a bill which intends to nullify a supreme court judgment regarding minority educational institutions.Politicians are not actuallu looking after the welfare of the people instead they are trying to prove that they are superior to judicairy and fighting for their supremacy.As a responsible citizen i am expressing my views on this problem with a hope that it will at least open the eyes of those people who will take a look over it. Thank you

A great scholar said life is education and education is life, James Masefield states, one should learn to laugh away worries. Experience is gained by practice in the field in which one is placed. A perfect experience comes to one who has received a good education. Knowledge acquired without good education. Knowledge acquired without good education is useless.

Education should help meet the challenges of life. It should make the learner well disciplined, well informed about him and his surroundings and accommodate himself to others. Bookish knowledge is harmful to the learner. So work oriented education should be introduced in the curriculum.

The society should decide what type of...


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