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Gov to Be or Not to Be

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Gov To Be or Not To Be
Hello and welcome to the News of the Land. Our Top story is about the war that has been taking place here against our worst enemies, the Assyrians. Their weapons are extremely strong, and the probability of us losing is 9.5 out of 10. Our weapons have nothing in comparison to theirs, and the model is very complicated. The Assyrian army is destroying our government, and army. Today we will interview government official Maya Islam to see what might happen
Zahin: do you think that the Assyrians will destroy our homeland?
Maya: I believe so, but if we all work together, we can try to prevent the Assyrian army from destroying us.
Zahin: How do you think we can stop them?
Maya: We will need materials to build a barrier to stall the enemy. We will need the help from other people, including our own. This way we can get more time to prepare or flee.
Thank you, you may now leave. Oh yes, we found this very weird boy, who has just come out of hiding. I will ask him a few questions about his life.
Zahin: Hi, my name is Zayn. What’s your?
Ben: Hi my man, you got something to eat.
Zahin: Yeah here is a sandwich, what did your mom tell you about the Assyrians?
Ben: Nothing, ‘cause she’s dead. My dad told me this\. The Assyrian general will demand surrender, if the people refuse, they burn their homes down and then they take over.
Zahin: Yeah kid, get out of here

Well my part is over cya!
Justin kills Zahin.


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