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Defense of Marriage Act

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Thomas, P. (2002/2003) Reading and Writing as Ways of Understanding in the Content Classroom. Classroom Leadership, 16 (4)
      According to Thomas, as educators we must know, “The ability to read and write profoundly affects a student’s ability to learn.” In other words, a student’s success relies strictly based on reading and writing and if the student can actually comprehend the discipline. Thomas then states, “…teachers across grade levels and from all content areas should be writers and teachers of writing.” He supports his idea by listing the “dos and don’ts” of how a teacher must successfully embrace reading and writing.
      Thomas starts by discussing the importance of using authentic text he feels that students need to read the words of historical figures like Thomas Jefferson and Fredrick Douglass and not the words of someone writing about them. Thomas then agrees that enhancements to the text including fiction, drama, or movies can better the understanding of the content fields for students. Thomas goes on to state that students must see the teacher commit themselves to sincere reading and writing. This leads into his next objective, “Don’t assign reading and writing as extra credit only.” He affirms that giving students reading and writing assignments as extra credit spoils the student’s mind; thus, making the idea of reading and writing trivial.
      “Be aware…of current data…” Thomas testifies that staying current on issues may stimulate new classroom practices and ideas while sparking an energy for experimentation based collaborative thinking.
      Thomas moves on to indicate, content teachers must call for a reduction of the curriculum. Thomas infers that teachers must suspend the idea of covering too much of the content, which overwhelms the student and teacher alike. Thomas believes, if a teacher covers “everything” in the content area, most of his/her students will not retain the information given to them.
      Thomas stretches this...


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