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Human Survivel

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I believe that in order for humans to survive as a species we need to be as spread out as possible. I propose that we go to another world and begin the process of terraforming the world to be able to support human life.
To start build a base on that planet and move a large enough population of humans there to keep repopulating but monitor the population closely   so it doesn’t get too large. Plants will be necessary to make the oxygen for us to breath and the members of the base will start the terraforming.
This process will take a long time so long that the people who start it won’t be alive to see it come to fruition so whoever we send must know they will not be coming home to earth.
As for food they will have room in the base to farm and as for meat they can have supplements until the base is large enough to support cattle.
As for how to determine who to send they must pass a psychic evaluation and they also must be some of our brightest minds so they can conduct research while there. Also they must be able to reproduce I cannot stress enough the need of reproduction for this plan to succeed.

I’m sure I’ve missed many things like powering the base and such but I left that open for you to solve if you come up with something comment please.  
Or e-mail me at demothenes18@yahoo.in thanks for your time.


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