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Rule and Obedience of Child

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10.Some people say that children should obey rules while other people think children who are controlled too much will not be well-prepared for their adult life. Discuss both sides and give your own opinion.

It has always been a controversial issue whether children should obey rules or not. Some people think children should obey rules and do what the teachers want them to do. Others believe over-controlled children are not well-prepared to make the important decisions of their lives in the future.

(Perhaps, there is nothing arousing more public debates than children’s education. One of them is about whether children should be more obedient or be encouraged to work on things by themselves.)

Some people believe that it is for children’s sake to discipline them with a bunch of rules, which necessitates them to be fine upstanding individuals. They mention that first of all, children are too young to give anything a careful or a comprehensive thinking, and thus they should obey their parents and teachers to avoid harm and heartache. They also maintain that the society is built up with rules and regulations. Therefore, children have to obey the social formulas that all mankind must adhere to.

Nevertheless, the critics’ worries are also understandable. They concern that over-control will have detrimental influence upon youngsters’ intellectual and emotional development, which, they believe, would be a dangerous thing. They claim that there is such a dramatic change in today's children's environments that children have to face more challenges and make more decisions independently. Besides, according to the critics, over-control issues related to children’s personal domain – such as clothing, friendship, and leisure activities – which is common in daily life, do harm to children’s sense of identity and mental health. Consequently, in their eyes, modern education should attach more importance to the encouragement of children to be more creative and innovative....


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