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Our Day

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Today me and some of my friends are going to town. When we got there we got out of the car and started looking in some shops. We didn’t even realise that it was lunch time. Some of my friends weren’t hungry so they stayed in the shop when the rest of us went to go get lunch. We were going to text them when we got our lunch so we could meet up again.

On our way back from lunch I felt worried as I saw a little boy standing by himself with tears running down his face. I went up to him and asked what was wrong. He said that he couldn’t find his Mum and his name was Adam. Once we met up with everyone else Adam was still crying. We told him to take us to where he got lost. After waiting there for half an hour we decided to go and look around. We looked everywhere, we looked in the shops and on the roads we even got Adam to describe his mum to the shopkeepers. But it was no use we couldn’t find her anywhere.

We walked to the carpark to go and stand next to her car so we could wait for her there. When Adam finally led us to his car he immediately burst into tears. “What’s wrong?” someone asked.
“Look” I said “I think the car was there, now theres just an empty space”.
“It’s ok,” someone said to Adam trying to make him feel better, “We’ll find your Mum soon.” Just as Adam was wiping away his tears onto his tiny arm, a shiny blue car raced round the corner narrowly missing us. Out jumped a woman that looked like she had been crying for hours. She sprinted up to Adam and picked him up in her skinny arms as though he only weighed 5 kgs. She kept repeating “Don’t ever do that again.”
She walked up to us with a thankful look. Adam was smiling hugely. She came up to each of us, with Adam still in her arms and thanked us. None of us knew quite what to say when she said that, so we just smiled back and said “That’s alright were glad that Adam is back safely with you.”
When she left we decided that we should head home as none of us really felt like shopping anymore.


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