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The Reformation, Baptism and the Presbyterian Church

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1)the reformation is one of the major event in the catholic church's history. it began in the 16th century when martin Luther, a Dutch monk opposed the catholic church because priests were charging money for indulgences and many other practices that weren't following the christian liturgy.
Before martin Luther's revolution, the religion in western Europe was the roman Catholicism but then it was split into Catholicism and Protestant christians.
the reformation was that the pope ordered that priests should be trained before becoming priests and all the monasteries were closed

2)Baptism is one of the main sacraments. it's very important in christianity as stated in the holy book, when the child is born, he is not sinless and if were to pass away before getting baptised, the child can't enter gods kingdom and also, God had saved people through water before, Noah, when he sailed his ship and escapes from corruption and death, Water was the bridge that led him to a safe land.
baptism is also one ring of the chain that connects people to Jesus Christ, its made of hearing him, believing in him, confessing and baptising.

3)the presbyterian church is not very different from the catholic church but the Sunday mass has some differences.
The presbyterian church has no alter, no holy water and it's informal because the minister doesn't wear a uniform during masses.
Also, when taking communion, they believe that it is symbolic to Christ's blood and flesh.
Another difference is that in the presbyterian church, during prayer, people don't stand up, instead they stay seated and the the minister asks people before prayer if anyone has any special intention so that everyone would pray for them.

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