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Socialisation and Culture

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Socialisation can be interpreted in two different ways.   The first is the way that tends to be used by psychologists.   This perspective “focuses on the immediate environment of the individual, such as the influence of the family” (Krieken, Smith, Habibis, McDonald, Haralambos and Holborn, 2006 p.6).   However, sociologists tend to see socialisation on a much larger scale.   They look at factors such as education, economy and media also.   Truly the socialisation of an individual occurs through both the “immediate environment” and “larger scale” external factors.   Krieken, Smith, Habibis, McDonald, Haralambos and Holborn (2006 p.6)   make note that “socialisation is not a one way street   ...   Instead, they see it as a complex process in which individuals make choices and react to the influences around them”.The meaning of the word “culture” as it is commonly used, usually will refer to history or art.   However when used by sociologists the word culture includes many more aspects.   Abercrombie, Hill, and Turner (1994 p.98) describe culture as “The symbolic and learned, non-biological aspects of human society, including language, custom, and convention, by which human behaviours can be distinguished from that of other primates”. In other words culture refers to almost anything that humans can pass between each other. The culture in which Peter Parker grew up in is in part responsible for his actions and choices in life.   As Spiderman, Parker adopts a costume.   It could be argued that this costume is a manifestation of his culture.   Subconsciously Parker has learned that this costume has meaning, it is a symbol for hero, or protector.   Parker is also affected by culture when walking the streets as Peter.   The way in which he walks, talks, dresses, and speaks are all learned consciously or subconsciously through his culture.   He seems like a normal person because he has learned a set of signs and symbols (Baudrillard, 1983) that make him appear normal to others who were...


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