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How to Teach Middle-school Students to read
Introduction: Reading, as one of the four skills in learning a language, it is important for students to improve their reading ability. And in practical reading, students need to master some basic skills so that they can read a text in different ways for different purposes. The teaching of reading should follow some principles and the teacher should show the students some ways to develop their reading ability.
In this essay, I will first talk about the importance of reading. Then, I’d like to show the difficulties in teaching reading. Next I will discuss that how to teach middle-school students reading guided by the ESA models.
Body: As we all know, there are four skills in learning a language. It is listening, speaking, reading and writing. They are always related in terms of usage, and reading is the key for students to learn English well. Then, what is reading? Reading is defined as a visual signal to external processing and handling process. In the course of reading, reading with the eye movement, attention and get straight back as view of information, while visual information processing is filled with complex mental activities, such as recognition, memory, memory, association, analysis, synthesis, reasoning or even re-creation, etc.
    And reading is useful for other purposes, too. Any exposure to English is a good thing for language students. At the very least, some of the language sticks in their minds as part of the process of language acquisition, and , if the reading text is especially interesting and engaging ,acquisition is likely to be even more successful. So for middle school students, they are active in thought, curious to the outside world and they show interests to many things around them. But they are short of knowledge in some aspects, such as vocabulary, logic etc. So when the teacher offers students materials to read, they should consider these features of the students. The text should be...


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