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Abortion, whenever anyone says it, it causes a debate, why is this?
Most people tend to be opinionated , unfortunately this makes it harder to persuade people to a certain side. The people who are anti-abortion are that way for good reason’s such as the moral dilemma, at what point do children get a soul? But even if they have a soul are they aware? But then the counterpoint, if the family in question does not wish fir the child then would it live a good life? Even if it was adopted there aren’t enough parents that want children then there are children, so there will always be children without a home. Science however is making good progress with stem cell research so the children who otherwise might have had an unfair and hard life could make someone else’s life much better but at the same time you risk that the child would have had a good life.

Those who look at it from a religious perspective think that by aborting the child you are killing it but even if that would kill it wouldn’t an infant killed go straight to heaven? (depending on your religion.) While still others view our human bodies as just a momentary vessel which we will leave behind while we move on.
No one man has the right to decide the fate of the unborn children besides we can’t ask their opinion so no matter what we decide it will always be unfair to them, all we can do is to the best of our ability determine how well their life would have been and go off of that.

I will let you decide for yourselves think of these things the next election and they discuss abortion.



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