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Mosque at Ground Zero

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I for one am ashamed to be an American right now. How can we be against the mosque at ground zero? Oh right 9/11 let me inform you all that 9/11 was caused by radicals who are not true followers of the Islamic religion. Come on, their holy text tell’s them not to attack anyone so you cannot blame it on all Muslims and those of you who do are not true Americans after all America is made up of many religions.
If some Christians wanted to build a church at ground zero they probably could but in the eyes of the U.S government all religions are equal but all because of the bad press everyone hates Muslims.
Imagine how the Muslims who never hurt anyone feel being discriminated against being threatened by us. I saw a picture of a rally where a man had a sign that read “ all I need to know about Islam I learned on 9/11” that is one of the most closed minded things I’ve heard.
America has indeed fallen far, this ,our country, was build on the belief that all men are equal and that people from all walks of life are welcome but no not anymore, now we distrust each other at the best of times and flat out hate each other at the worst of times.
We were all taught that America is a democracy and it might have been at one point but now it is a is run by the media.

America stop being used. Stop discriminating.



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