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Health Tips

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Tip 1: For General Healing

Let the healing power be generated in my hands...
Rub both hands together while saying the mantra, "Om Om Om Mam Haste Aarogya Shakti Jagray" & then put both of the warm hands over the part of the body which is not well. There is immense healing power in ones own hands. One should do this procedure several times. It can be done at any time of the day. Mothers can do this procedure & cure their children. For e.g., if the eyes are not well, then one should do this procedure & put both the hands on the eyes.
Tip 2: For Frequent Fevers (Top of Page)
When we eat the second meal before the first one was digested, then the food remains raw in the body. The body generates fever to cook this raw juice & that is the reason for getting frequent fevers. Fevers caused at the time of malaria etc. are caused due to different reasons. All those who get frequent fevers should take a few pieces of sliced ginger dipped in lemon juice before eating their meal. This would help in digesting the previously lying undigested food in the body. But one should take care that one does not eat the second meal until the previous meal is digested.
Tip 3: For Healthy & Intelligent Child (Top of Page)
When the baby is born its umblical cord should not be cut until there is pulsation in the cord. This means that the umbical cord (nabhi nar) should be cut 2-3 minutes after the child is delivered. If it is cut immmediately then since the chord has life therefore the child feels the pain & gets scared & that fear stays in his mind forever. When the pulsation stops, then cutting the cord is like cutting hair or nails & therefore it does not affect the child.
After the child is born, the father should take the baby in his arms & say "Om..." seven times to the child softly. To make the child strong minded, fearless & religious, the father should also say:


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