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It is common knowledge that whether childhood is the most important time or not has attracted much consideration from society. From my own point of view, I absolutely agree with this concept. As we have known, it is the time for personality building, knowledge acquisition and physical development.

First and foremost, what I put in my priority is personality building. Needless to say, children are in the habit of aping the grown-ups. They only watch everything others do and imitate as an instinct without knowing whether it is right or wrong. Day by day, they get used to them. Naturally, it forms their character and life style. More remarkably, the education from family and school also contributes much to this. The way they are taught by parents and teachers prepares the first ground for their personality. With the careful upbringing, children are prone to become good citizens and vice versa. It is the main decisive role in their character. How important it is!

In the second place, knowledge acquisition also deserves much of my concentration. It is clear that children have a good command of studying. They both have curiosity about life and ability to remember. Moreover, they are free from hardworks and worry about life, which is quite advantageous for them. In fact, scientists have demonstrated that nearly fifty percent of general knowledge of one’s life is gained at these ages. This is really the most suitable time for them to collect their fund of learning. More notably, children are taught the most basic things. Thanks to this, they are setting their study up on a sound basis. Actually, these are the very necessary ground for higher education. Without these, they can not keep up with their later training programs. What a wonderful thing!

Last but not least, physical development plays no less important role. It is clear that children have not had fully grown bodies.   They are gradually getting more and more perfect. Their height and weight are...


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