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Drugs history
Drug use has been a global scrooge for many centuries. In Malaysia, though drug abuse dates back to the 8th century among Arab traders, facilitated through meeting of various distant cultures through exploration, trade or even war this problem only escalated with the arrival of Europeans, especially during the British rule. This review paper discusses the global history of drug use, the narrowing down to the history concerning Malaysia.…………………………………………. Alcohol

Drug types
  Alcohol is the most common drug used and abused. It is an intoxicant that depresses the central nervous system and can lead to a temporary loss of control over physical and mental powers.
    Marijuana is produced from the hemp plant (Cannabis sativa), which grows well throughout the world. Marijuana has been considered a "gateway drug" because of its potential to lead young people to experiment with stronger drugs such as heroin and cocaine.
CocaineCocaine occurs naturally in the leaves of coca plants and was reportedly chewed by natives in Peru as early as the sixth century. It became widely used in beverages (like Coca-Cola) and medicines in the nineteenth century but was restricted in 1914 by the Harrison Narcotics Act. Some experts estimate that more than 30 million Americans have tried cocaine
HallucinogensThe drug of choice during the 1960s was LSD. People looking for the "ultimate trip" would take LSD or perhaps peyote and experience bizarre illusions and hallucinations. In the last few decades, these hallucinogens have been replaced by PCP (Phencyclidine), often known as "angel dust" or "killer weed."
Drug effect
The majority of alcohol in the body is eliminated by the liver. Ninety percent is eliminated through the body, while ten percent is eliminated (unchanged) through sweat and urine. Research shows that different classifications of drugs affect the unborn fetus in varying ways. Although marijuana can greatly affect the growth rate and nervous system of...


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