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Love in Wuthering Heights

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Love, it is a thing…

In our world, many people try to find companions for life. Emily Brontë’s Wuthering Heights shows how two people can love each other, and from this their love drives them towards hostility and separation, or towards happiness and togetherness. Love exists in this novel; it is the drive and the demise of many. Emily Brontë did an extraordinary job expressing the appearance of love and how love can hurt and harm anyone it infects, but it can also bring joy and peace to those it touches. Heathcliff and Catherine’s love, along with Hareton and Catherine’s love, is pure and true; however they take on two different and conflicting aspects of love, happiness and pain. Heathcliff and Catherine’s love drives them apart, causing pain and jealousy in both of them, while Hareton and Catherine’s love pulls them together and unites them.
The original novel was published in 1847, during the Victorian Era of the United Kingdom. Meanwhile the Industrial Revolution was already underway. There was so much going on during this time that could have influenced Emily’s novel, it is, of course, shocking as a Victorian piece, and one can only imagine why she decided to write this novel. I believe her influences were other authors, the Victorian Era’s lifestyle, wars, and her own life. Her father, Patrick, was a perpetual curate in Haworth, England, and because of the oddity of this, she developed an active imagination, and an odd disposition. As a child, she attended Miss Patchett’s Ladies Academy, a building of dark windows and little light. Along with her school, it is probable that she, like others in this time, read Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, which is a romanticism/gothic novel. In all the darkness before her, she became a darker writer, which is furthered even more in the future.
Her adult life was interesting to say the least. At barely the age of twenty she was the governess at High Sunder Land Hall in for a short time. This structure has an amazing...


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