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The satisfaction that accompanies the successful completion of any task would be incomplete without Mention of people whose ceaseless cooperation made it possible, whose constant guidance and encouragement crown all efforts with success.
I offer my sincere thanks to Chairman, Mr. Ashutosh Agrawal Director Mr. Aditya Vijjan, Mr. Harendra singh, Center technical Head of Hclcdc   Bareilly (UP), for suggesting and helping us in taking up the project work.
I am thankful to Mr. Aditya Vijjan for giving us an opportunity to work on the project as a part of the summer training B.TECH (C.S.) curriculum.
I am grateful to my project guide for the guidance, Mr. Harendra Singh inspiration and constructive suggestions that helped us in the preparation and execution of this manuscript.
I would also express my thanks to colleagues and people who have helped in successful completion of the project.

Frame relay:-

Frame Relay is actually a group of separate standards, including those from ITU-T and ANSI. Interestingly enough, Frame Relay defines only the interaction between the Frame Relay customer premises equipment (CPE) and the Frame Relay carrier switch. The connection across the carrier’s network is not defined by the Frame Relay standards. Most carriers, however, use Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) as a transport to move Frame Relay frames between different sites.

Frame Relay is connection-oriented: a layer 2 connection must be established before information can be sent to a remote device. The connections used by Frame Relay are provided by virtual circuits (VCs). A VC is a logical connection between two devices; therefore, many VCs can exist on the same physical interface.JE
By default, Frame Relay is classified as a non-broadcast multi-access (NBMA) network, meaning it doesn’t send any broadcasts like RIP updates across the network.

  * Introduction to Frame Relay Technology:-

1-It is a packet switching technology or can say as frame...


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