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34.         What are your favourite summer and winter holiday destinations?
Include details and examples in your answer.

Personally I prefer summer time, when we can do more activities, and there are   than in winter. But I would choose places where I would like to go during the summer and during the winter. For me winter holiday is nice to spend in Zakopane, which is great place to do outdoor activities for instance: skiing, ski jumping, ice skating. When you want to climb on the mountain you gets your guide. Zakopane is full of tourists that time but still atmosphere is amazing, because of special resorts, Highlanders and their traditions and cousine. Even the views are incredible, its good to take a lots of pictures too being there.
But during the summer great place to go is Masuria area(Mazury). Especially this summer a lot of people are going there for holiday. You have there a lots of lakes and forests there so you can rent chater yacht and headrest, or you can enjoy kayaking, diving, horse riding. Maybe those are very “clear” and popular places for you, but every polish person is able to go there and have fun.

36.         What are some creative types of entertainment you would like
Your child to take up?

It’s hard to make sure that your child is playing in game that educates and is fun for your child. Very important is encourages kids to play in strategies games, witch they need to think, and use their imagination. Also great for them is playing in groups, so they have chance to work together and respect another ideas, for example: a various of board games, also active strategic games like soccer, volleyball, basketball. Another way that our kid can spend great and creative time is toke theme to the ZOO or to the circus where our kids can see clowns, jugglers, acrobats, stilt walkers. But personally I would sing up my child for many of out door activities, and holiday Camp, languages courses, where is opportunity to get new knowledge. There are many...


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