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Capital Punishment and the Mankind.(Speech)

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Capital punishment and the Mankind.


Good afternoon, my name is

A. Gain Audience attention.

Everyday, everyone from us wake up and forget to tell himself   > , by nature, we almost don’t realize that -any time, anyone can   die-.

B. Orient audience to the topic.

The human life is precious and invaluable for wise, fool, good or bad people. In this world, life can not be restored, life is only for one time, nothing is equal to life, so , who took others’ life have to pay by his life as capital punishment.

C. Convince the Audience that the topic is important.

Capital punishment or Death penalty is the killing of a person by judicial process as punishment for an offence or committed crime. Fifty eight Nations actively practice it when ninety five others have not used it for ten years, but they didn’t abolish it for ever, many exceptions are still kept.   To this day many people are for the abolition of this penalty when others are not. The debate continues existing. Everyone have to take a position on this crucial decision.

D. Thesis statement.

Obviously, Capital punishment is merely the “Right to kill”, so, Who have this right? , How He got it? And On what basis?
The answer to these questions is simple, ‘who gave life to the mankind has the right to take it back‘. Only our Glorious GOD satisfies this condition, so, Death Penalty is purely a religious decision. GOD ordered us to execute it and all resulting mistakes are only human, from us.
Man didn’t invent Death Penalty, so, man has no right to abandon it. The problem is just about, in which situation it has to be applied. Death Penalty can not be abolished for some cases, and, by doubt, it has to be hold in other circumstances.

E. Transition to the body.

Capital punishment, as a subject that can be discussed under religious, judicial and social views.

II - Body :

A. Capital punishment and the Religion:.

As proven in my...


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