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Special Education

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Case Study 2 Paper
Mary Bedford
EDU 422
Dr. Linda Martin
July 22, 2010

Case Study 2 Paper
    Evaluation criteria are required to inform the IEP team of a child’s progress.   Examinations can be used, teacher observations, or other forms of obtaining the data needed can be used.   Students with disabilities are required to participate in achievement test.   These tests determine the student’s growth and ability to learn.  
    The academic progress of a child whether disable or not should always is recognized.   If a test is not appropriate for the student, then there has to be written reasons why the test are not appropriate.   A description of the appropriate test is also required.   Grading does not include just test.   “Testing methodology may well include a variety of tests, portfolio reviews, student record reviews, observations, and interviews gathered from persons, both adults and student (Bartlett, L., Etscheidt, S., Weisenstein, G. p. 77).”
    In 2004, changes to the IDEA were created.   “These changes focused on goals for all children, curriculum was aligned with the goals, and assessment was conducted to determine if students were reaching the goals (Weishaar, p.3).”   The seventh IDEA principle implements “states must establish goals for the performance of children with disabilities that are consistent with the goals of all children (Weishaar, p. 17).”
    Children with disabilities need an education just like any other child.   Special education is a way of helping these children.   We need to educate disabled children, but we also need to include them into a normal education if possible.   Regulations and rules have to be applied, but education of any student is first and foremost important.

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