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Describe Somewhere Where You Live

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Union Street, not a place for children.Graffity freshly painted on the cold mossy walls; chewing gum and dogs mess populate the street. The cumbering pavement is forgotten about. The smell of urine makes you gag you can taste the filf as you try to get some fresh air. Cars listlessly wait for their drunken owners. The ticking of the engine and the scurry of a rat is all you can hear.
Girls walk down in skirts that look like they are ment to be holding somebody’s trousers up. Their hair matted and skin orange and rough like a thrown out hand bag. Every engine or shout they hear dread falls over them like a ton of bricks they know what’s coming.
The night clubs close; men and women stagger on to the street falling to sleep on the floor like stray dogs. You can smell the booze from a mile away. In the distance you can hear a group of them singing a football anthem getting all the words wrong.
A police car on his night rounds turns in everyone scurry’s like a fly from a swatting stick. (All apart from that sleeping drunk he’s going to the hospital tonight).

Early morning, the street is calm. Business men and women go to the work oblivious about the night before. Cars slowly turn in to the street. The upper class people in them shake their heads disapprovingly as they drive past the graffiti and empty bear cans.
Hung-over. Dribs and drabs of people stagger home with unmade hair and dirty clothes trying to remember what happened the night before and why their top has a big hole in the back. The awaking smell of coffee fills the air and makes you mouth water as star bucks opens. The pavements are occupied with the street cleaner whistling to a merry tune.
Stray cats root threw the bins to try find scraps of kebab and thrown out restaurant food. School children push and shove o be the first one to get the best seat on the bus. Cars hoot their horns and shout at the idiot who decides to over take the car in front even though there is no room. Cleaners come out...


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