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The Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama gained a 7-point lead over Republican John McCain in the immediate aftermath of the debate on Friday. Ultimately most Americans know that the economy is weak because we experience it in our every day life. This unfortunately affects America’s spending habits, but this highly popular topic of discussion brought about the overall opinionated views of the presidential candidates. Obama view the current president as unpopular and a man who has neglected to watch the economy carefully. McCain went as far as to declare that he would veto everything so that the government will not spend excessive amounts of money. Another debatable topic was the war in Iraq which is hardly a campaign plus. Obama wanted to boldly put down George Bush’s efforts and he complained that they were not getting anywhere. McCain said that we are actually winning the war in Iraq so he doesn’t understand why there is such a fuss. Mr. McCain cleverly shifted the heavy debate to spending cuts, his favorite issue. He talked of the $18 billion by Congress spent and suggested a halt of government spending. McCain also said that Obama “has $800 billion in new spending programs." This statement backed up him point and Obama seemed to beat around the bush and portray that his future taxation and government spending is not as harsh as everyone thinks it is. Ultimately by Obama’s 7-point lead, he obviously did something right but McCain’s answers were drenched in wit and sophistication.


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