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It’s Just The Beginning………
(A Paper on Optical Communications)

Sri Vasavi Institute of Engineering and Technology

The main scope of this paper is to present the path for realizing the extrapolated future in the era of computing and communications .For years we've been hearing about all the fantastic things computers will be able to do once they process data with light instead of electricity. Setting aside the question of whether an all-optical processor would even be desirable, optical computing schemes lack the photonic equivalent of the most fundamental computing element, the transistor. All that required is a TRANSISTOR LASER (an optical transistor) to achieve it. [pic][pic][pic]The transistor has given us much during the last six decades. Now it has given us light, and with that, the potential for much speedier broadband communications in both telecommunications networks and within and between chips—not in some remote sci-fi future, but perhaps within the next decade. Extraordinary prototype transistor that can switch on and off more than 700 billion times per second, faster than any other transistor in the world. This transistor puts out both electrical signals and a laser beam, which can be directly modulated to send optical signals at the rate of 10 billion bits per second. With some further modification, the transistor laser will eventually send a staggering 100 billion bits per second or more. And it will likely do so at room temperature. The ability to send and receive signals at the equivalent of three DVDs worth of data—100 billion bits—per second could turn those herky-jerky teleconferences between offices in Tokyo and New York City into high-resolution events. Grandparents in Montreal could watch a granddaughter in a school play in St. Louis through a video cell phone. Supercomputer grids crunching the test data from the world's most advanced particle accelerators might produce results in...


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