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Islam vs. Hinduism

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Hinduism Vs. Islam

Throughout the history of our world, thousands of new developments, achievements, and advancements have occurred, coming from people and places across the nations. One of the most important of these was the development of religion, which has been a way of life for the people of our world for centuries. From the nomads of Africa, to the idolized leaders of the Roman Empire, religion has always been a fueling force for the daily lives, and afterlives, of humans throughout history. Religion, in itself, has taken on the shape of hundreds of different belief systems. Two of these religious forms in particular, Hinduism and Islam, have always been a leading force for religion. These two religions, although often seen as almost opposite, surprisingly have many commonly unseen similarities. When one looks further into the ideas, development, and spread of these world religions, the connections prove to be more evident than one would think.
The main ideas of both of these world religions are both extremely complicated and strict, and also have many differences and similarities. The basis of the Islam religion is peace, obedience, purity and submission. Likewise, the word Islam comes from the Arabic root word “salaama” meaning unconditional obedience and abiding love for the will of Allah. Unlike Hinduism, these ideas are based on the teachings of a prophet, Muhammad. Hinduism does not have a prophet and is instead based on revelations made by saints, and other people of God, and religious traditions created throughout history. Hindu religion is based on one eternal truth, while Islam has many sources of belief. Similarly, the ideas of the religion Islam supposedly came to their prophet in one day, while the ideas of Hinduism took decades to collect. Although the ideas of these religions are very different, they are similar in the fact that they are both monotheistic. They have one supreme God who they believe rules the universe, on Earth and in the...


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