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Brutus the Real Hero

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The Real Hero of Julius Caesar
The Real Hero of Julius Caesar

In Julius Caesar, by Shakespeare, the true hero lies not within Caesar or Cassius, but Brutus. When looking at these characters more closely it’s obvious that Brutus is the real, but a tragic hero because Brutus had heroic qualities and died because of it. This is shown many times throughout the play. It is shown in every act of every scene and shows Caesars true honor and nobility. Anybody who has read Julius Caesar knows tat he was ambitious and the reason that Brutus killed his best friend was for the good of Rome and not himself.

The reason that Brutus is the hero of Julius Caesar is because he is a noble man with manyheroic qualities. Throughout the play, he never betrays anyone. Although he did murder Julius Caesar, it was for the good of Rome, not to betray Caesar. Even after Brutus killed Antony’s best friend, Caesar, Antony still pointed out that Brutus was an “honorable man.” He demonstrates this in Act 5, Scene 5, after Brutus’ gets killed, Brutus, the only conspirator that actually killed Caesar because he was not selfish and he actually did care about the good of Rome. He cared more about the good of Rome than he did himself. In Act 3 when Caesar


Brutus’ tragic flaws are part of what makes him a tragic hero. In Julius Caesar, Brutus is a great example of a tragic hero. His tragic flaws are honor, poor judgement, and idealism (Bedell). In Shakespeare’s plays, the tragic hero and his flaws cause the downfall of the play (Tragic Flaws).
In the play Julius Caesar, Cassius and the other conspirators take advantage of Brutus’ honor. The conspirators wrote Brutus fake letters from the public to get him to join them. Once he joined the conspirators, they used him to bring good to killing Caesar. This idea worked until Antony showed up. That’s when Brutus’ second flaw...


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