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My summer

      Summer is not my favourite season, but it is very nice end exciting time. I don’t like hot weather, because then I want to swim all day, but it is not safe. But I can to swim very much because my home is not far from 3 rivers.
      But now about all from begin. My summer time started then school had end, then I had good marks that is important for me. From 6th to 10th June I was in book – keeping practice. After practice I went to finishing primary schools of my friends and cousin. After that I red very good books whom author are Dan Brown.
      Than came Līgo party with crowns, daisies and fires. I don’t like this party very much, because there is mosquito’s, I don’t use alcohol and don’t eat Jāņu cheese, but if I had good company - party may be very interesting and unusual. This year I with my family went to our relatives, there is Jānis and it was very good company like I wish, that is why I remember this party. Next day we drove to other Jāņi to celebrate with them.   At those parties we didn’t jump over fires or sing Līgo songs, but we had very nice and interesting talks.
        July was hot, I went to swim and after swimming lived in the home – there wasn’t hot. I took part in many crosswords competitions, competitions of letters etc., red some books and many magazines, because I like reading magazines and newspapers very much.
      In august I was riding my bike with my friends, sister and cousins. I and my friends were lighting fires at the river Daugava and waiting for rain of stars. I think my summer was interesting, but not as interesting as summers before. But I’ll remember this summer because I was in some concerts, had some trips in Latvia and wrote many letters and e-mails. I think summer is need to be a bit lazy, a bit solitude, a bit boring, a bit rainy – because then people can to estimate that they have very much to do in job time, they have very much friends to meet out of the home any they have some very hot days at...


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