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New England and Chestapeake Settlements Differnces Dbq

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Even though the New England and the Chesapeake came from the same place around the same time, the two were very diverse; this was because of their different motives, the geographic area in which they settled in, and also because of the different politics and government they had.
The motives of each group played a drastic part in how the societies and purpose changed for each group. The New England’s motives mainly focused on family and unity.   (Doc. B)   These puritans also focused on religion, setting out to be a “City on the Hill,” so they and their religion could be an example to the world. (Doc. A) The Chesapeake on the other hand, did not focus on religion or family as much. Most of the Chesapeake were single young men, hardly any females in the group, this group focus on making a quick and easy profit by seeking gold. (Doc. C and F)
The geographic region in which the settlers landed effect their economy differently, by what type of work could be done. The New England had short summers and the land around them was rocky. This kept them from being able to grow many things and they had to rely on skilled labor, like tailoring and shipbuilding, for income. (Doc. B) They also believed that pay should be monitored by the General Courts, so that people could make enough profit to continue to do their trade, but not enough to become rich off of the other members needs. (Doc G.)   The Chesapeake had a longer summer which mean a longer growing season, the land around them was also very fertile which help them grow thing even more better. While at first they looked for gold for a profit, but never finding a vast amount in the region, they had to rely on tobacco to keep an income.
The government of each settlement was very different. While The New England relied on religion to control their government, believing everything should be done for god, and that anything else was a sin and a crime. (Doc. D) This caused their government to be strong and fair. Though the...


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