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A Ridge to Wiseman

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A ridge to Wiseman’s cove by James Moloney is book with obstacles and ones which are overcome. The book is an insight into a teenager’s life Carl Matt. Through the book Carl is faced with many difficulties and hardship but he is able to prove that anyone can overcome any situation. Carl also has a family who is lost, his mother Kerry, had left 4 to 5 month ago and has not yet returned, his sister Sarah left to care for them, but after finding it too much she also leaves leaving Carl and Harley to bear with their horrible Aunt.
When Kerry and Sarah left Carl was faced with a big responsibility of looking after Harley. Carl and Harley were both scared that they may have lost their mother, though they desperately search for her knowing what could have happened to her. Carl even though left alone to live with Harley takes on the task caring and loving for his brother Harley.
Aunt Beryl is one of the worst people anyone could live with when she was left to look after Carl and Harley she doesn’t take   them in with gratitude instead yells at them and kicks them out. Though she finally accepts Carl and Harley into her house she does not do it with a happy welcome but instead with anger. Even when Carl gives Beryl a gift she doesn’t accept it. Beryl ties Harley on chains as she doesn’t want him to go around causing any trouble angry at this Carl finally faces Beryl, “You Wouldn’t do that to a dog.., if you stayed with him kept an eye, cared about him, he wouldn’t get into trouble, (here he storms of do help his brother)”(pg 121-122). Carl shows his emotion, showing her what he thinks of her cruelty and anger towards them.
The Matt’s and the Duncan’s have always had a grudge with each other, when Carl’s grandfather killed Graham Duncan while crippling Skip,   after this everyone thought the Matt’s were bad people though Carl along with his brother Harley proves anyone can do good.


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