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Their Eyes Were Watching God- Janie's Voice

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Thought Zora Neale Hurston’s Their Eyes Were Watching God, Janie’s voice changes. She is brought up as an obedient girl who searched for love. In each of her marriages, she learns new things about life. She matures, grows wiser, and becomes independent, and is satisfied which all is shown through Janie’s voice.
Janie’s first marriage to Lagan Killicks is where she learns that love does come with time and she cannot love Logan the way she should love a husband. She is young and naïve which is shown through Joe Starks comes through town. She talks of going away with him to chase his dream, and a matured married woman would not. Joe was handsome, confident, and sweet when he talked to Janie about his dreams and aspirations. Janie took Joe as her ticket out of her marriage with Logan and her ticket out of town.
Joe Starks is a young man with aspirations and the drive to make his dreams come true. Janie admires the way he treats her and the way he includes Janie in the building of the town. But when the town is up and running, everything begins to change. Joe starts to treat Janie more as a trophy wife than an equal partner. When Janie realizes this, it becomes clear though her voice. She begins to hold back her opinions. After a few years, Janie has finally suffered enough and can’t take it anymore. While Joe was on his death, speaks with defiance and independence. Her voice includes these characteristics after his death, also. Then Tea Cake comes into the picture.
Tea Cake is the love Janie is searching for. She acts and speaks with ease when she is around him, unlike the other men she was married to. Tea Cake doesn’t have money or impressive dream like the other men, either. However, he promises to be there for her, love her, and he treats her as an equal. Janie appreciates him, which is shown through her voice, too. Tea Cake leaves a lasting effect on Janie because her voice does not change after he dies.
From the time Janie grew up under the care of Nanny...


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