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The day came once again, like every other morning she stared at the screen in front of her, forwarding and bringing it back after every few seconds, though it made no sense to her to stare at the black picture that kept moving every few seconds. She put herself on the sofa, trying to fall asleep, however her eyes didn't wish to close, though her lips wouldn't open to speak and her brain wouldn't like the idea of switching off.
"Shouldn't you be asleep?" the loud voice spread across her room.
"I could ask you the same thing" she replied back, as she stopped onto a particular channel. "What?!" she asked the person behind her, who watched with hawk eyes.
"Nothing" the small figure replied from behind the sofa once again. "And don't you have an audition tomorrow?"
She smirked. "Hoping I'll get the role." She replied, silently praying. "Go to sleep Minnie, it's already late"
She shouted at her little sister, who just smiled at her and decided to move up the stairs towards her room. "Oh and Minnie, remember to tell mother about the audition tomorrow morning!"
Minnie turned on her heels, her small short cut hair bounced in the air. "Haven't you told her at all?" Minnie asked from above, but the girl just nodded, not moving her eyes from the screen. "Does Sakshi di know?"
"Do you think I'll tell her?" the girl in front of the TV questioned in sarcasm. "She'll go mental, of course she's already in movies, and I think I have the right to audition as well"
Minnie rolled her eyes at her sister. "Ya might wanna tell our mother that before she goes ballistic" Minnie suggested. "You know what she says about movies and shows"
"Yeah, yeah whatever" the girl once again replied, though her eyes fixed onto the cartoon in front of her. "Wish mom was more like dad"
Minnie laughed from above. "Yeah right, keep wishing Shilpa di"
Before Shilpa could reply to the comment made by her younger 12 year old sister, she made an escape. Shilpa Anand sat...


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