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AP US History Assignment
DBQ Chapters 1-4

1. Compare and contrast Europe, Africa, and the Americas prior to Columbus’ voyage.

Prior to Columbus’ voyage, there were many similarities and differences between Africa ,Americans, and the Europeans. One similarity between all 3 areas were that agriculture played a big part   in keeping the population. A similar charecteristic between Europe and Africa is that both needed   gold for economic Functioning. A difference, however, is that the Americas did not want nor seek gold at this point in time. One similar charecteristic between   Europe and Africa both went into international trade, while a difference being that the Americas   were isolated to the rest of the world.

2. What were the driving forces of the Age of Discovery?

The driving factors of the Age of Discovery were those of political economical , and technological means. If were talking about economics here, Europeans were looking for new resources and a faster trade route to East Asia, which would lower costs of reaching the goods in Asia and increase wages. Imperialism made alot countries to rise their political area by venturing   new lands. Great Britain, for example, created colonies in the New World to expand the empire and enhance their economy. Some people, however, traveled across the waters to increase new converts to their individual religions. Alot explorers set sail to gain their intelligince of the world and amend upon ship and exploration technologies.

3. What was the Columbian Exchange and how were Europe, Africa, and the Americas affected?

The Columbian Exchange was the exchange of disease, goods, culture, and people between the Europeans and natives of the New World. Europe was affected greatly   by the Columbian Exchange in a good way. For European countries had access to a great amount of new unused resources. This rose their economies to a new level and bullion levels skyrocketed. It affected Africa because Europeans needed   for...


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