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Attending Search Conferences

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obody asked, but I've got a few things to say about search engine conferences.

Many times in web forums and blogs, the question is asked from members if they should spend the money to attend one of the many search conferences that are available. Sometimes I was even asked if they are worthwhile.

Short answer. YES.

There is something alluring that takes place at a conference of your peers. With this industry being crafted on a daily basis, there are still many topics of search that have no thought leader in place.

That aside, many of the seo elites are very approachable. At the conference. Outside that scope (at the clubs or Google Dance) the regular rules of society apply.

So, while you are at a speaking session of one of your favorite bloggers or seo personas, take the time to approach them. Introduce your self, tell them what you do, and comment about their presentation. Better yet if you have a question that challenges them.

Also, don't forget about the audience members. Many times you'll find your self sitting next to a CEO or Marketing director for other seo firms or corporations that may some day need your services whether as an employee or consultant.

Be sure to talk to all the vendors. Yes, they are trying to pitch their wares, but they do have an expertise that you can tap into. Who knows, you may even develop a relationship that you can use when needed.

Make sure you have plenty of business cards to hand out. If possible write a personal note on it about whatever you spoke to that person about - it makes for a great way for them to remember you.

Enjoy the venue. I've been fortunate to see parts of the country that I wouldn't have a decent excuse to visit otherwise.

Take it all in and enjoy being in a place that is brimming with seo expertise. Because once you get back home, your inbox will be stuffed full, and you'll have to get back to the grind...


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