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Gulf of Mexico's Environmental Disaster

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Gulf of Mexico Environmental Disaster

For as long as the earth has existed there have been many catastrophes and disasters. Many of them caused by nature with no human interference. Now we have reached an age in technological advancement where much of mankind can benefit from this technology, unfortunately these advancements although great present many risks. The disaster that was major oil spill off the gulf of Mexico by BP Oil is proof of this.
The BP oil spill is proof of how fragile our ecosystem is and how careful we must be to maintain its balance. The tragic incident pumped millions of gallons of crude unfiltered petroleum into the Mexican Gulf waters. This oil then affected everything in the oceans delicate ecosystem. Everything from the fish, corral, and sea mammals such as the dolphin and whale that live in the oceans to those who require it as a food source the birds and people who make their living off the gulf coast waters.
Never before has a man made environmental disaster of this level been seen. Not one of such destruction, harm and devastation that lasted for months and will take months even years to fully remove all the effects this has caused on the oceans, shores, and animals who reside in both. To this day and for many more to come there are many volunteer groups and BP clean up groups alike trying to clean these waters. The job is to big for these people it will take much time for these waters to be considered normal again.
The only problem here was no that there was a massive oil spill but that it was unexpected and unpreventable. That it began to spew oil out of its pipes and no one could do anything to stop the oil from spilling out for many months. The problem was not only the oil spill but humanities incapability to stop the oil spill. There was nothing that could be done for far too long. Too much was affected. Concentration must now be put on preventing such catastrophes in all areas no just oil and then plans and solutions...


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