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Energy is life. Energy is what we are. Energy is the ultimate power.   Energy is the power behind the two greatest sources in the world; science and magic. We simply cannot perform any task without energy. Our souls are pure energy. Our outer body is made of energy. Every particle, every cell, every atom cannot function without energy. Energy is everything.

Chapter 1: Energy and magic
In order connect with your inner power, you have to be able to harness the energy within yourself. You are then able to push this energy into your very own hands and outward to use it how you will. In order to be able to harness this energy, you must first use meditation. Using energy takes a lot of concentration. You can use this energy for protection, to harm another, or just about anything.

  Your very soul is made out of pure energy. Any planet with a life source, has its own energy, elements, and spirits. Every living thing along with nature, has its own spirits. The souls of mankind and animal have a more complex energy.
Magic is using the energy within you as well as the energy of nature, the stars, the planets, and the moon, in order to achieve the task that needs to be done. In order to use magic, you must have a great desire or need for the task that needs to be done. Simple magic can be using the energy within for a simple prayer. Prayer can be used in any religion because all religions are based off a greater being or energy. Nature is made up by the four main elements; earth, air, fire, and water. Each element has a complex energy. Faeries are the spirits that belong to nature. There are different types of faeries, depending on the element.
  Chapter 2: Religion
  All religions are based off a higher being or beings, who have a greater power over all. Though the old religion, known as paganism, has been around since the beginning of mankind itself, many other religions have based their ideology and beliefs from paganism. The...


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