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Thomas: Eyes of the Dragon

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Melanie Pilkington
Ms. Enneking
14 September 2009
In the novel The Eyes of the Dragon, the author Stephen King shows that Thomas is not just a character to us. Throughout the book he demonstrates his villain side. Thomas shows his traits as being naïveté, jealous, and having low self-esteem. These traits are revealed when he tries to meet, his father, the king’s expectations while being forced to compete with his older brother, Peter. Flagg recognizes Thomas’s loneliness and sees this as the best time to start corrupting the boy into his hand made villain.
Thomas was a very selfish little boy. He spent a long time making a sail boat for his father but was turned down when his father had nothing else to say but how amazing Peter, his brother, did in archery that day. This caused Thomas to be really upset inside. His villain side was shown when after this incident he stoned a poor, mangy dog to death. A hero would be more sympathetic and try to help the animal, like his brother Peter did for the horse. The common people were not a concern to Thomas either. When crowned King of Delain, he raised the taxes up to 80 percent. “Thomas the Tax-Bringer” was a nickname in the result him raising the taxes.
Showing bravery is not one of Thomas’s strong characteristics. He repeatedly doesn’t stand up to Flagg even though he knows he is a evil person and is up to no good. In fear, when Flagg showed Thomas the secret passageway to spy on his father, Thomas has to promise not to tell anyone about it because Flagg threatened him. Thomas also doesn’t stand up for his brother when he was framed for killing Roland. He liked the attention he was now getting as being the new King of Delain, he left that it was his time to shine. Roland had a while before the poison fully kicked in. If Thomas really wanted to be the hero he could have told the people that Flagg really poisoned the wine he gave to him and maybe the potion could have been reversed but he was too...


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