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A Good Reader

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Starting out very young most children first learn to talk, learn their numbers and abc’s; then when they get the hang of that, it comes time to start learning how to read. Just like every other thing, children start off learning the very basics of words and start working their way up from that point. Some children have better opportunities than others and some just learn better and faster, there are a lot of variables that come into play when you are talking about how fast or how well a child learns how to read.
For me, I had many good opportunities growing up to be a good reader and they benefited me very much. I have very good parents that helped me learn to read as much as they could. I went to a good elementary school that had very good teachers and they helped me very much to grasp the principles of reading. I grew up being an above average reader and they were always encouraging me as well as the other kids to take home books and read; that that was about the only way to become a better reader. Also in my elementary school they had a reading program where you would read a book and when you were done you would take a test on it and depending on how you did on the test determined how many points you got, this was a big hit in our school and everybody was racing to read more books and get more points than everyone else. I believe that program not only helped me to become a better reader but also helped many other kids too.
In middle school I scored very high levels on the lexile tests we did every so often, and was recommended by one of my teachers to be in a reading group with five or six other students where we would read a different book every week and then discuss the certain book when we were finished. Being a good reader since I was very young has really helped me with the reading of plays in trying to understand the slang words that are always difficult to understand.
I have to be very thankful for the opportunities I have had growing up that made...


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