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6th and 7th Grade

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You may think that sixth grade isn’t that different from seventh grade. Well if you thought that well you thought wrong! Seventh grade has way more homework. Actually this essay is my homework right now! Seventh grade also has nicer teachers but don’t let them fool you they have lots of homework planed for you. Finally, seventh grade has way more pressure than sixth grade. Are you going to get a girlfriend/boyfriend? This is one of the many questions in seventh grade.
      To start off, seventh grade has tons of homework! Almost every class has homework every day. The homework isn’t even close to easy. Math homework: Algebraic expressions; Language Arts homework: ESSAY; Civics Homework: World Map packet; Spanish homework: Latin America packet and the list goes on and on! The only good thing is you got some time in class to finish. Seventh grade teachers make sure that you’re always busy! Good luck sixth graders!
      One of the only good things about seventh grade is the nice teachers. I warned you guys if you mess with the teachers they will be exactly like your sixth grade teachers. They expect you to be mature by that age. So show them that and you won’t have any problems. You must also remember to focus in class. Some teachers even if you don’t talk and you don’t do any work they will still give you trouble. Follow this and in seventh grade you won’t have in problems. With teachers that is!
      One of the most annoying things in seventh grade is people asking you ‘Are you going to go out with him/her?’ Your best bet is to keep away from those questions and focus on school. Most people start doing bad in school from this. It is very distracting and will take away your chances of getting anywhere in life. So in seventh grade stay away from relationships!
      All together sixth and seventh grade have many differences. One difference is that there is almost two times the homework in seventh grade. Seventh grade also has nice teachers. Finally, stay away...


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