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Monet & the Impressionists

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Monet & The Impressionists – Question One
During the Nineteenth century, changes in the social, economic, scientific and political life* of Europe have influenced artists of Impressionism and the techniques   Claude Monet has chosen to use in his paintings and artworks.
In the time of Monet, the growth of commerce and the industry have had a great impact on his way of painting.   In his supposed paintings of nature, you can see that the growth of commerce and industry have affected the natural features of the painting. In his work Gare Saint Lazare, the trains and railway stations intoxicated with an atmosphere filled with smoke “have lost a lot of their glamour with globalisation, they used to be much more romantic places.” ***
Leisure time is another example of influences to the way Monet composes his artworks. Popular ways of spending leisure time in the nineteenth century included music halls, eating at restaurants, watching performances in theatres, spending time out in the sea (boating and seaside bathing), horse racing and picnicking at parks and ponds. In Monet’s painting Terrasse à Sainte-Adresse, the setting by the seaside with boats and a nice table for tea with couples demonstrates that people view the sea as a place for love and romance. Many of Monet’s paintings portray the theme of love and romance, telling us that Monet has interest in love.
The influence of the growth of population and social changes in Europe has been the key focus in Monet’s artwork Rue Montorgueil. The painting displays a festival or celebration, overcrowded with people walking in the streets and buildings decorated with hundreds of French flags. This painting has an immense contrast between many of his other paintings as Rue Montorgueil is a busy picture filled with excitement and energy whereas his other artworks of nature bring a calming and relaxing sense or feel.
Through time to time, man has gained and widened their understanding and knowledge through scientific...


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