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The Revenge of the Unicorns

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nThe Revenge of the Unicorns

A stone circle near a grove of oak. A summer sun cries warm tears as it rises above the horizon. The unicorn herd is eating calmly of the dewy meadow around the stone circle. One can see the sparkles in the unicorns’ fur when the sun shoots his hot rays as it get higher on the sky. The faint shadow of the trees glides slowly up the wet grass, where the unicorns stand. The unicorns were always on guard, and were never far away from the stone circle. Because the stone circle had a magical power that drove away all evil, and protected them.
It was no longer happy times for the unicorn. For many years ago there were several herds, and they were free as a bird, and could run through the lovely meadows and sparkling woods. For many years there has been only one herd left, the largest, fastest and strongest one.
The other herds had been captured by the evil witches in the darkest valley in the north, WickedPearl Valley. The witches used the unicorns to work for them on the witches’ large mansion. No unicorn has come alive out of the mansion of WickedPearl Valley, because the witches kill an unicorn once they detect an unicorn try to escape, refusing to work or they will select one unicorn to kill every month. The blood of a unicorn is flowing silver, which will give eternal life, therefore would the witches kill a unicorn and drink its blood, for then they will live forever.
The witches had failed to capture the last herd, because the herd had found the stone circle that could protect them from the witches. The witches can’t get near the stone circle because they have an evil soul. When someone with an evil soul approaching the stone circle, will the stones create an invisible wall around the stones.

One day began the unicorns to discuss. They felt they couldn’t live around the stone circle so much longer, because it began to be little food and no one dared to go far from the stone circle. If they went far from the stone circle...


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