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          The seemingly endless entanglement of data wires connecting today‚Äôs electronic devices has become slightly less jumbled with the introduction of Bluetooth technology and the creation of a wireless data link. This article delves into the implementation and architecture of Bluetooth. It also describes the functional overview and applications of Bluetooth. It gives significant advantages of Bluetooth over other data transfer technologies such as IrDA and Home RF. It illustrates how a connection is made in Bluetooth between two environments. It mainly emphasizes the architecture of Bluetooth. It gives over all Bluetooth packet structure and different communication and data information protocols such as WAP, UDP, IP, TCP, RFCOMM, and L2CAP etc. It also explains Link Security by Data Encryption. Finally it narrates how Bluetooth will bring a new level of connectivity and convenience when operating electronic devices. These details in the article establish the growing need for Bluetooth technology.

            Bluetooth is a method for data communication that uses short-range radio links to replace cables between computers and their connected units. Bluetooth is a radio frequency technology utilizing the unlicensed 2.5GHz industrial, scientific and medical (ISM) band. Bluetooth is an open standard for wireless connectivity with supporters mostly from the PC and cell phone industries. Not surprisingly, its primary market is for data and voice transfer between communication devices and L.M.Ericson of Sweden invented PCs. Bluetooth in 1994. The standard is named after Harald Blaatand"Bluetooth"2nd,king of Denmark.


Bluetooth attempts to provide significant advantages over other data transfer technologies such as IrDA and HomeRF. IrDA is already popular in PC to peripherals,but is severely limited by the short connection distance of 1m and the line of sight requirement for communication. Due to its RF nature...


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